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    Everything you need to get your Ba Gua Zhang going. Beginner, intermediate & some advanced lessons. Lessons include: stepping, hand positions, power training, Neutralizing an opponent's force, and more. Video series shares ancient secrets and new insights that will help guide you on the road to t...

  • Ba Gua: Advanced: The 3 Pillars of Mastery

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    A must have video for every serious Ba Gua (and other internal serious) practitioner. Describes why most practitioners cannot use their art in a real fight – and what you can do to make sure YOU can. Covers weight distribution in combat and muscle bio mechanics that teaches you to move as a "spri...

  • 5-19-21 qigong meditation: Yin & Yang Integration

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    zoom class 5-19-21. chi-arts.com customers/ chi arts & Hsing Chen students, and On-line class participants ask for Coupon/discount code

  • test 1
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    test 1

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    blamk for testing top1

  • "Turn on a Dime" Adv Spine Bio-Mecanics for IMA

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    For power and advantage in close-combat, the "turn-on-a-dime" training trick offers students of the iMA a shortcut that will develop power and practical ability much faster than normal training alone.

  • Top Secrets of Mind-Body Energy

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    (Chi-Arts Students and chiarts.com customers write admin@chiarts.com for discount code) These video lessons present the most advanced Mind-Body Energy Training available.
    Volume 1 (originally titled top secrets of the internal martial arts) focuses on
    Bio-mechanical manipulation of leg energy ch...

  • Pt 2 Bio-energetic Secrets: Force & Counterforce

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    (** new customers: see note below** )Video 2 of 5 part series. This video covers force and counter-force principles in detail.
    Includes basic principles found in most athletics, how "bow and arrow" aspects stimulate the body energy centers, examples of Bruce Lee's use of force and counter-force,...

  • Advanced Fascia Training - for Internal Power

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    This video takes you step by step through the activation of fascial systems in the body. Training begins with accessing fascia in the jaws and then gradually through the entire body. Includes "springy" movement for fight training. Also, an excellent adjunct to every type of Qigong (ch'i-kung) pra...

  • Taoist Breathing Arts - Lesson 1

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    Long before ancient Taoists developed the concept of Qi (ch'i) flow through the body, their focus was on "breathing arts. However, Taoist breathing arts are not designed to focus on the "breath" per se, instead their aim is to teach the practitioner to master control of the diaphragm. Through t...