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    Vol 1, Lesson 1 Internal Power in the Internal Arts. ONE POINT MIND
    John Bracy's secrets of mind-body training. For decades this material was taught only to a select group of his most advanced students.
    Note: Although this material is designed for the more athletic student, if practiced gradually...

  • Standing in Tesegrity - Superior Body Support

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    Superior standing involves learning to consciously control normally unconscious muscles

  • Ba Gua: Advanced: The 3 Pillars of Mastery

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    A must have video for every serious Ba Gua (and other internal serious) practitioner. Describes why most practitioners cannot use their art in a real fight – and what you can do to make sure YOU can. Covers weight distribution in combat and muscle bio mechanics that teaches you to move as a "spri...

  • 5-19-21 qigong meditation: Yin & Yang Integration

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    zoom class 5-19-21. chi-arts.com customers/ chi arts & Hsing Chen students, and On-line class participants ask for Coupon/discount code