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ba gua: basic and fundamentals • 6m 13s

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  • Short "Empty-Full" (Spring vs. Fulcru...

    This very short demonstration of "empty-full"(also known as "spring vs. fulcrum") by Master John Bracy introduces the essential bio-mechanic principle that allow the internal martial arts to work in actual combat. For all levels of students in the internal M.A., especially Ba Gua (baguazhang)

  • Ba Gua stepping/ Hand and Body Orient...

    Basic Ba Gua stepping; Cheng style ko bu (toe in) and & bai bu (toe out) stepping;
    Standard Single change (per Sun Lu-tang/ Chen Huai-sen/ Ho shen-ting traditions)
    Includes advanced level opponent force resistance testing. Demonstration of right and wrong hand position

  • Ba Gua tactical training & incorporat...

    45 sec. Ba Gua combat demo. Includes turns, trips, and striking. Several clips promoting other videos follow